We believe that community-driven and culturally grounded initiatives result in purposeful action and sustainable outcomes.

Red Star works in partnership with Indigenous governments, organizations and communities to positively impact health and to:

We approach projects with a holistic view, exploring how partners work together to achieve better outcomes for all.

We work to evolve the systems and processes in place by improving organizational coordination, cooperation, efficiency and effectiveness.

We help design program models and plans for implementation and evaluation based on cultural frameworks.

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Tribal Health Governance Transformation Resource

This Tribal Health Governance Transformation Resource is a practical guide to enhance tribal governance and public health law, build strategic partnerships, and improve community health. This resource draws upon Indigenous models of nation building and healing to promote cultural and political sovereignty, and redefine and strengthen governance for health. The Nation Building Principles woven throughout this resource are based […]

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Indigenous-led public health organizations partner to explore pathways to build climate and ecosystem resilience.

Indigenous communities are among those most adversely affected by climate change, despite contributing very little to its causes.  According to a recent United Nations, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services report, biodiversity is declining less rapidly in lands that are traditionally owned, managed, used or occupied by Indigenous people. Colonial mindsets continue to […]

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Indigenous Environmentalism

Indigenous peoples’ relational approaches are essential to re-establish the connections needed to support ecosystem resilience.  The impact of climate change and ecosystem collapse can no longer be ignored. We have reached a critical moment, a tipping point that calls for informed, effective climate action. Red Star has partnered with Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous […]

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International Indigenous Knowledge Exchange

The Māori peoples of the Whanganui River in New Zealand view their ancestral river, Te Awa Tupua, as an indivisible whole, incorporating its tributaries and all its physical and metaphysical elements from the mountains to the sea.  In February 2020, Tribal Leaders from Arizona travelled to the Whanganui River for a cross cultural exchange. Resources

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Becoming Butterfly through Performance Management

Becoming Butterfly is a framework that draws from an Indigenous model of healing, and proposes a community-centered, public health approach to transform Indigenous health systems using an adapted performance management model to improve health.

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