Red Star International is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization dedicated to building connections with Indigenous communities to expand mindsets, evolve practices and realize a collective vision of health and wellness. 

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Behind the Name ‘Red Star’

As they shine through the atmosphere, red stars tell us of seasonal changes, weather patterns, when to plant and when to harvest. Red stars are found in various Indigenous star knowledge systems as navigational tools used to determine where you are in relation to where you want to go, and to forecast changes coming over the horizon. When we incorporate red star knowledge into our work we are living in relationship with our environment, applying knowledge to make good decisions and contributing to the overall well-being of future generations.

Latest at Red Star


[Blog] Reflections from Sacred Waters by Danielle Lucero (Isleta Pueblo)

(July 11, 2024) I have been amazed by the numerous connections that had to be made to bring A Meeting of Sacred Waters to Isleta Pueblo, the Tribal Nation I belong to. From flight connections to community ties to waterways, Isleta became the meeting point for all of them. We came together to share and […]

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[Newsletter] May 2024

(May 30, 2024) WE ARE NOT SEPARATED BY THE OCEAN We first learned this while sailing on the Haunui voyaging canoe with Hotu. Aleena, who is from the U.S. living in Aotearoa, shared with Hotu the challenges of being separated by an ocean from family and community. Hotu had a different perspective. He shared: THE […]

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[Event] A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2024!

(November 29, 2023) Now accepting proposals to present! A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2024 is a gathering place for sharing Indigenous worldviews, values and perspectives to reclaim the health of the world’s water sources. Through the experiences of Indigenous Peoples from the US and abroad, this global exchange explores solutions to restore balance for the wellbeing of humanity and the environment.

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[Newsletter] December 2023

(December 26, 2023) We are a small non-profit with global impact. We are an Indigenous-led, U.S. based non-profit co-located in Tucson, Arizona and Tauranga, New Zealand.  Our community-centered mission to reflects our vision for healthy, vibrant Indigenous communities.  Scroll down for 2023 highlights across our three interdependent focus areas. Partnering with Communities to Overcome Social, Cultural and […]

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