Red Star International is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization dedicated to building connections with our relatives. We connect Indigenous communities to expand mindsets and evolve practices to realize a collective vision of health and wellness. 

Indigenous Innovation. 

We create opportunities to connect, build relationships and generate new ideas about what is possible.


We believe in the power of Indigenous worldviews, values and relationships to heal and transform systems.


We transcend international boundaries to connect Indigenous communities in meaningful exchange.

Behind the Name ‘Red Star’

When we incorporate red star knowledge into our work, we are living in relationship with our environment, applying knowledge to make good decisions and preparing ourselves for the future. Red stars are found in various Indigenous star knowledge systems as navigational tools used to determine where you are in relation to where you want to go, and to forecast what lies just beyond the horizon. As they shine through the atmosphere, red stars tell us of seasonal changes, weather patterns, when to plant and when to harvest. Red Star International looks to red star knowledge to guide its work to enhance overall well-being for future generations.

Latest News & Events


SAVE THE DATE – NOV 18 (US) / NOV 19 (NZ), 2021

Join us for a conversation about the health and healing of our rivers. Rivers are living entities. They embody a life force, spiritual power and authority unto themselves.  As Indigenous peoples, our relationship with rivers, springs, and oceans is ancestral.  Our ancestors have left it in our hands to be protectors, caretakers, and stewards of […]

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Aligning Systems for Health in Tribal Communities

(22 July 2021) Red Star and its partners from Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health based at the University of Washington, are honored to work with five tribal nations to increase capacity and to deepen their understanding of systems – people, processes, and context. The launch of our new study, Indigenous Health Systems: […]

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Red Star leads exploration of pathways to build climate and ecosystem resilience.

(31 Jan 2021) Indigenous communities are among those most adversely affected by climate change, despite contributing very little to its causes.  According to a recent United Nations, Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services report, biodiversity is declining less rapidly in lands that are traditionally owned, managed, used or occupied by Indigenous people. Colonial […]

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Global Indigenous Environmentalism

Indigenous peoples’ relational approaches are essential to re-establish the connections needed to support ecosystem resilience.  The impact of climate change and ecosystem collapse can no longer be ignored. We have reached a critical moment, a tipping point that calls for informed, effective climate action. Red Star has partnered with Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous […]

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Becoming Butterfly through Performance Management

Becoming Butterfly is a framework that draws from an Indigenous model of healing, and proposes a community-centered, public health approach to transform Indigenous health systems using an adapted performance management model to improve health.

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