We believe that community-driven and culturally grounded initiatives result in purposeful action and sustainable outcomes.

Red Star works in partnership with Indigenous governments, organizations and communities to positively impact health and to:

We approach projects with a holistic view, exploring how partners work together to achieve better outcomes for all.

We work to evolve the systems and processes in place by improving organizational coordination, cooperation, efficiency and effectiveness.

We help design program models and plans for implementation and evaluation based on cultural frameworks.

Ko Au Te Awa, Ko Te Awa Ko Au.

I Am The River, The River Is Me.

Tribal Leaders representing tribes in Arizona and Aotearoa will participate in a knowledge exchange on Indigenous water guardianship in February 2020. Leaders will explore pathways to protect water, reduce humanity‚Äôs environmental impact, and improve well-being. Red Star was inspired with the idea for an exchange when it learned that the peoples of the Whanganui River achieved national recognition of the river as an indivisible, living entity. 

Becoming Butterfly

Resources for Tribal Health System Transformation

Becoming Butterfly is a metaphor for the transformative process of strengthening tribal health systems. Red Star, in partnership with Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health, created a resource portfolio to promote responsive, high performing, and well-governed tribal health systems that reflect Indigenous worldviews, principles, and practices.