We bring people together to share knowledge, create connections and generate ideas that advance the well-being of Indigenous communities.

We focus on:

Transforming health systems to create greater alignment between our work and our values.

Restoring the well-being of humanity and the environment by privileging Indigenous leadership, knowledge and practices.

Promoting canoe traditions to affirm cultural identity, community connection and our relationship with, and responsibility for, the natural environment.

Creating practical resources that are culturally grounded, contextually relevant, and advance self-determination.

Health Systems Transformation

Aligning values and services.

For over a decade, Red Star has worked with Tribes and Pacific Islands to strengthen their health systems – relationships, interactions, and values that work together as part of an interconnected whole – to improve health. We work with communities to take a high-level, holistic view of how various partners work together to evolve the current systems.

Ecosystem Resilience

Join Our Journey of Reclamation.

Red Star is on a journey of healing and transformation of our Indigenous health systems, which includes our relationship with the natural environment. We look to our customary ways as inherited from our ancestors – the values and principles that govern our personal and collective relationships – to solve contemporary challenges. Indigenous communities are among those most adversely affected by climate change, despite contributing very little to its causes. It is well documented that Indigenous stewardship of natural resource can have a positive, measurable impact on the environment.

Canoe Traditions

A gathering of canoes, a gathering of conversations.

Red Star supports the revitalisation and preservation of traditional canoe practices focusing on traditional voyaging and mātangirua – sailing outrigger canoes.