We bring people together to share knowledge, create connections and generate ideas that advance the well-being of Indigenous communities.

We focus on:

Transforming health systems to strengthen local capacity to address health inequities using a community-centered public health approach.

Restoring balance for the well-being of humanity and the environment through Indigenous-led systems change.

Promoting canoe traditions to affirm cultural identity, community connection and our relationship with, and responsibility for, the natural environment.

Creating practical resources that are culturally grounded, contextually relevant, and advance self-determination.

Health Systems Transformation

Aligning values and services.

Transformation requires reclamation.

Creating systems for healthy lifeways is inherent to how we live as Indigenous peoples. Unfortunately, our traditional life ways have been disrupted due to colonization and deliberate colonial policies of genocide, forced assimilation and discrimination. These policies systematically dismantled traditional systems of health and healing, and replaced them with a Western model of care focused on containing and mitigating disease.

For over a decade, Red Star has partnered with Indigenous nations seeking to reclaim their health and wellness systems to address persistent health and social inequities. We believe in the resilience of our communities and our ability to heal and transform our systems to improve health.

Restoring Balance

For the wellbeing of humanity and environment

Restoring balance for the well-being of humanity and the environment requires recognition and support of Indigenous self-determination and knowledge systems as foundational elements to both climate and health solutions. We need to build our collective futures and continue to exercise our authority based on our own values and lived experiences. 

Red Star’s Restoring Balance projects aim to uplift Indigenous-led systems transformation to meaningfully address health and critical responses to ecosystems under threat. 

Canoe Traditions

A gathering of canoes, a gathering of conversations.

Red Star supports the revitalisation and preservation of traditional canoe practices focusing on traditional voyaging and mātangirua – sailing outrigger canoes.