We are on a journey of healing, reclamation and transformation to ensure a healthy future for the coming generations.

Red Star International, Inc. (formerly Red Star Innovations) began its journey serving tribes and tribal organizations in Arizona in 2007.  Within three years, our reach extended across the U.S. and the ocean to include Pacific Islands. 

Today, Red Star maintains its home base in Tucson, Arizona. With a focus on health and well-being, we create sustainable, systemic change across health, governance, education, language and cultural resource stewardship.

Our Values

Indigenous peoples and nations have the inherent right to freely assert their sovereignty and political status.

Our efforts to advance self-determination are guided by the following values:

Sovereignty – Respect Indigenous peoples’ right to determine their future.
Indigenous Wisdom – Prioritize local knowledge, values and practices.
Relational Accountability – Nurture relationships built on mutual respect and cooperation.
Collective Will – Uphold shared aspirations through dedication and perseverance.
Guardianship – Protect and care for the well-being of humanity and the earth.

Our Approach

We create healthier communities by:

Prioritizing Local Knowledge

We prioritize local knowledge to affirm identity, connect people and the environment, and build relationships.

Transforming Systems

Systems are a set of relationships, interactions and values that work together as part of an interconnected whole.

Building Relationships

We look to cultural wisdom to address contemporary challenges and realize community aspirations.