[Blog] Reflections from Sacred Waters by Danielle Lucero (Isleta Pueblo)

(July 11, 2024)

I have been amazed by the numerous connections that had to be made to bring A Meeting of Sacred Waters to Isleta Pueblo, the Tribal Nation I belong to. From flight connections to community ties to waterways, Isleta became the meeting point for all of them. We came together to share and collaborate on Indigenous-led solutions to address today’s water challenges. I felt lucky to hear stories from my elders, such as Governor Max Zuni, former Governor Verna Teller, and Stephanie Zuni, about our Tribe’s fight to protect our mother, our river, the Blue River, also known as the Rio Grande. Sitting in the room with relatives from over forty-six Indigenous Nations, I know that my community’s story is part of a larger movement, and we are all part of a legacy of standing up for our land, our waters, and our peoples. 

While the meeting has ended and we have all gone our separate ways, I invite you to keep the conversations that started at Sacred Waters in mind. Let them inspire you to join us in our efforts to change power dynamics and return to practices that respect sovereignty and enable Indigenous knowledge systems. Even if you couldn’t attend, there are many ways to continue engaging in the teachings from the meeting. The Meeting Summary offers a space to revisit the values that guide our work, our communities’ practices, and opportunities to build on our commitments. The event platform hosts recordings from keynote speakers. Social media is also a space to stay updated with actions and resources led by Sacred Waters participants. 

The Meeting of Sacred Waters will continue to guide my work with my community, including Pueblo Resurgents, the Isleta Cultural Committee, and our Tribal Government. Red Star is providing an opportunity to reshare your commitments. Join Red Star for an upcoming virtual session to reconnect with old connections and build new ones.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Danielle Lucero

Read the Gathering Summary for Sacred Waters and watch keynote sessions on demand here: https://tinyurl.com/4mad7394.