Red Star is on a journey of healing and transformation of our Indigenous health systems. All of our projects aim to prioritize local knowledge, expand mindsets, and evolve practices to realize an overall vision of health and wellness.  When solving complex challenges, Red Star works with organizations to better understand their systems – people, processes, and context – to identify root causes and create lasting improvements. We are committed to developing culturally and contextually relevant resources that support strong Indigenous public health performance goals


Tribal Guide to Self Assessment for Accreditation

An organizational self-assessment against the accreditation standards and measures is an effective way for tribes to evaluate their performance and readiness for accreditation. Engaging key stakeholders in the self-assessment process is essential to understanding how the system partners work together to provide important services. 

Tribal Strategic Planning Guide

This capacity-building resource is for tribal department interested in conducting a strategic planning process, especially those interested in public health accreditation.

Tribal Guidebook and Roadmap to Accreditation

Presented based on the concepts and principles of planting the three sisters – corn, beans, and squash – this resource provides a comprehensive approach for tribal health departments preparing for public health accreditation from start to finish.

Pacific Island Guide to Public Health Performance and Accreditation

This resource was designed in collaboration with U.S. Pacific Island territories and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.  Based on the principles of traditional Polynesian canoeing practices, this resource provides guidance on building teams, engaging community, and using the accreditation standards and measures as a navigational tool to improve performance.