[Save The Date] – A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2023

(August 8, 2021)

EVENT DATE: NOV 18 (US) / NOV 19 (NZ), 2021Register Now!

Join us for a conversation about the health and healing of our rivers.

Rivers are living entities. They embody a life force, spiritual power and authority unto themselves.  As Indigenous peoples, our relationship with rivers, springs, and oceans is ancestral.  Our ancestors have left it in our hands to be protectors, caretakers, and stewards of our rivers for future generations.

Our communities hold the knowledge.

A Meeting of Sacred Waters (translated from Te Huinga Wai Tapu in Māori) is a virtual gathering that provides a space for sharing Indigenous worldviews, values and perspectives to reclaim the health of the world’s rivers. Through the experiences of Indigenous peoples of the Whanganui and Colorado Rivers, this global exchange explores and honors the Indigenous knowledge vital to healing our ancestral waters. The event welcomes all those who envision a sustainable future, including leaders and representatives from Indigenous nations and communities; Non-Governmental Organizations; local, state, regional, national and international governments; universities and research institutions; businesses and social enterprises; students; and others.

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This event is hosted in partnership with the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. and Te Pou Tupua (Tribally designated face and voice of the Whanganui River) in New Zealand.

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