[Press Release] Speakers for A Meeting of Sacred Waters

(February 1, 2023)



Aleena Kawe, Chief Executive Officer (520) 777-9208

Red Star International Announces Speakers for ‘A Meeting of Sacred Waters’ 2023

TUCSON, Ariz. – Red Star International, Inc. is pleased to announce its speakers for the upcoming conference “A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2023” to be held at the Heard Museum and online in Phoenix, Arizona on February 16.

According to Red Star’s founder and CEO, Aleena M. Kawe, “A Meeting of Sacred Waters” is a convergence of Indigenous worldviews, values, and perspectives concerning the health of the earth’s water resources. Indigenous peoples from the United States and abroad come together for one day to explore solutions that restore balance and well-being of humanity and the natural environment.”

The event will further the important discussions, bringing exceptional keynote presenters, leadership panels, and international case examples of successful Indigenous-led policy, law, and stewardship.

Sacred Waters speakers include:

Turama Hawira, Te Pou Tupua (face and voice of the Whanganui River), the special status granted under the settlement act granting ‘legal personhood’ to the Whanganui River.

Dr. Reg Crowshoe, a respected Elder of the Kainai Nation and a Canadian lawyer, scholar, and author.

Ned Norris Jr., the current chairman of the Tohono O’odham Nation, elected to the position in 2011.

Annelia Hillman, a leader in environmental conservation for over 30 years, serving on numerous boards and councils devoted to responsible and sustainable land-use.

Hoturoa Barclays-Kerr, a traditional Polynesian voyager, prominent Māori activist and environmental campaigner from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

“A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2023” continues Red Star’s November 2023 event which focused on the shared experiences of Indigenous peoples of the Whanganui River of New Zealand and the Colorado River of the U.S. Southwest.

Register and see the full agenda at https://redstarintl.org/a-meeting-of-sacred-waters-2023.

About Red Star International, Inc.

Red Star International, Inc. is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Indigenous self-determination for humanity’s and the environment’s well-being. Red Star creates sustainable, systemic change across health, governance, education, language, and cultural resource stewardship.