[Newsletter] January 2023

(January 31, 2023)


Participate in the next chapter of this cultural exchange!

After 3 long years, Arizona Tribal leaders will reunite with the Māori peoples of the Whanganui River at A Meeting of Sacred Waters. 6 Whanganui Delegates will visit 6 Tribal Nations in Arizona and the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona to explore pathways to heal our ancestral waterways.

In a world first, the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Act 2017 gave the Whanganui River its voice back and it is calling on the wider community to now view it holistically, as a living and indivisible whole. It represents a long overdue paradigm shift and a move towards restorative justice and sustainable practices for healthy waterways.

Sacred Waters will feature a panel led by Turama Hawira, one of two leaders who jointly perform in a singular role as Te Pou Tupua to act and speak on behalf of Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River).


We are not separated by the ocean – it connects us.

On his journeys across the Pacific, Hoturoa Barclay Kerr, traditional Polynesian voyager, has beared witness to the impact of life on the land has had on our ocean relatives. Hoturoa will share how traditional sailing practices embody values of leadership, working together and caring for our natural environment. Hoturoa is an orator on his marae at Kāwhia, the home of Haunui, and the ancient landing and settlement place of his ancestral waka, Tainui and his ancestor Hoturoa.

Knowledge Systems Conver

A Meeting of Sacred Waters 2023 is convergence of many knowledge systems – celestial, land, water and sea – as a practical necessity to ensuring an abundant future. Join this global conversation about the health and healing of our ancestral waterways.


Restoring Balance for an Abundant Future

Indigenous identities and knowledge systems are intricately woven within and across our ancestral lands and waters, the source of our cultural, physical and spiritual sustenance.  Systemic and institutional barriers severely limit Indigenous Peoples’ ability to sustain and transmit traditional knowledge and practices in their daily lives.  Learn more about the Restoring Balance global, multi-sector Indigenous collaborative to advance Indigenous-led systems change for the health of humanity and the environment.

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