[Press Release] ‘A Meeting of Sacred Waters’ Aspires for Critical Systemic Change

Sacred Waters 2023 Event

(December 14, 2022)

TUCSON, Ariz. – Red Star International, Inc. is pleased to announce its global gathering of Indigenous voices at A Meeting of Sacred Waters | 2023 to be held at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona on February 16.

According to Red Star’s founder and CEO, Aleena M. Kawe, A Meeting of Sacred Waters is a convergence of Indigenous worldviews, values, and perspectives concerning the health of the earth’s water resources. She says Indigenous peoples from the United States and abroad come together for one-day to explore solutions that restore balance and well-being of humanity and the natural environment.

“We are at a critical tipping point,” said Kawe. “The exploitation of natural resources and ineffective environmental protection policies have deteriorated the earth’s water and air quality and exacerbate drought-related challenges. Furthermore, climate change disproportionately affects Indigenous people who live off the land for bodily and spiritual sustenance and maintain their traditional ways of life.”

Kawe says the event features exceptional keynote presenters, leadership panels, and case examples of Indigenous-led policy, law, and stewardship. Per Kawe, Red Star invites governmental and non-governmental agencies, educational institutions, and individuals to attend and apply the information in their communities and organizations.

“We are incredibly excited to invite our friends, colleagues, and Indigenous leaders to have important conversations about healing our ancestral waters,” she said. “We believe Indigenous wisdom, relational accountability, and collective action will lead to a sustainable future with practices that foster biodiversity, cleaner air and water, and increased food security. We also believe we can create real, systemic change, but we must be willing to abandon the status quo to find innovative solutions.”

A Meeting of Sacred Waters | 2023 is a continuation of Red Star’s successful inaugural event in November 2021 that focused on the shared experiences of Indigenous peoples of the Whanganui River of New Zealand and the Colorado River of the U.S. Southwest.
“Our prior event received much positive feedback,” said Kawe. “We all want to continue these conversations and facilitate more connections and relationships. Together we will do amazing work for Indigenous people.”

About Red Star International, Inc.

Red Star International, Inc. is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Indigenous self-determination for humanity’s and the environment’s well-being. Red Star creates sustainable, systemic change across health, governance, education, language, and cultural resource stewardship.