Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health is the first public health institute in the United States to focus solely on Indigenous health and wellness.

We had a vision to create greater connectivity across the national tribal health system, which includes the many tribes, communities and organizations dedicated to the health and wellness of American Indian and Alaska Native people. 

In 2011, Red Star led an exploration to determine the value and desirability of an Indigenous focused public health institute (PHI). Guided by a national advisory board, Tribal leaders were engaged to determine the role an Indigenous PHI could have in improving health among American Indian and Alaska Native communities. 


A Blueprint for Advancing the Health and Wellness of Our Native Communities

This blueprint report represents a tribal public health agenda based on national input and synthesis of regional and national tribal roundtables.  The agenda includes seven strategic priorities with actionable strategies.

Tribal Public Health Institute Feasibility Findings

Findings discussed in this report affirm the feasibility and desirability of a TPHI to serve as a partner in addressing the health needs of American Indian and Alaska Native communities. The report describes a strong Tribal outreach and engagement approach through the project.

A Case for Tribal Public Health Institutes

Tribal Nations are challenged with protecting its citizens from the preventable causes of death, injury, illness and disability. Public health threats, such as chronic disease, infectious disease outbreaks, and natural disasters, have reinforced the need for a strong public health infrastructure.