We work with communities to take a high-level, holistic view of how partners can work together to evolve existing systems to improve coordination, cooperation, and effectiveness. Red Star, Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health at the University of Washington and 5 Tribal Nations in the U.S. are partners in a practice-based study of how health care delivery, public health and social services systems work together to achieve mutually shared goals.  Using Indigenous-centered approaches (i.e., Community Based Participatory Research practices, and Indigenous values and principles), we are examining the meaning, relevance, and applicability of the Aligning Systems Theory of Change framework in the tribal context.

Tribal partners have identified projects to improve coordination, collaboration and communication across the sectors of health care, public health, and social services. Red Star’s role is to administer capacity building grants to support project implementation.


Grant awarded to Align Systems in Tribal Communities

Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health based at the University of Washington and Red Star International, Inc. were awarded a $420,000 grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in collaboration with Georgia Health Policy Center’s Aligning Systems for Health initiative.