Engaging others in our work breaks down silos, builds relationships, and leverages skills to improve health.

We work with communities to create alignment between our work and our values as part of a transformational process to strengthen Indigenous health systems.  Red Star, in partnership with Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public health at the University of Washington, has developed an emerging indigenous, community centered approach to strengthening tribal health systems through performance and leadership.  We have applied the model to public health performance management and health governance.


Becoming Butterfly through Performance Management

Becoming Butterfly is a framework that draws from an Indigenous model of healing, and proposes a community-centered, public health approach to transform Indigenous health systems using an adapted performance management model to improve health.

COMING SOON! Tribal Health Governance Transformation Resource

The Tribal Health Governance Transformation Resource is a practical guide to enhance tribal governance and public health law, build strategic partnerships, and improve community health.  This resource draws upon Indigenous models of nation building and healing to promote cultural and political sovereignty, and redefine and strengthen governance for health.